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Word of the Day: Bonspiel

A bonspiel is a great chance to travel with your team to a curling club and compete. Although, your home club could host a bonspiel as well … You might compete or you might even help volunteer to keep everything rolling.

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Golden! A Roller Coaster of Emotions

It was a late night, with curling starting at 12:30am Chicago time. The 2nd end, a Shuster miss and Edin with hammer made us come back down to reality. Down 0-2. The 3rd, Tyler George with 2 great shots, and Edin near-miss and a Shu double takeout made us think – “Hey, there’s a chance.”  Tied at 2. The 4th, the measurement stick says USA – USA steals one for a 3-2 lead. The 5th, “Slow down … slow down … hold on … damn.”  Shuster’s rock slides through the house, and Sweden takes a 4-3 lead.  What am...

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Time to Activate – CELEBRITY POWER

It’s great to see the celebrities getting into the love of curling.  JJ Watt, Mr. T, Kirstie Alley, Aaron Rodgers … Wait, scratch Kirstie Alley. This is the time that USA Curling needs to activate this celebrity love.  Activate?  Sorry for the marketing term.  So, how can USA Curling step it up?  We’ve seen Curling Night in America (which is great, but just like the curling coverage on CNBC – taped delayed).  We all know that the curling clubs get busier once every four years – just like the gym on January 1st. But, we don’t want that same...

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