It was a late night, with curling starting at 12:30am Chicago time.

The 2nd end, a Shuster miss and Edin with hammer made us come back down to reality. Down 0-2.

The 3rd, Tyler George with 2 great shots, and Edin near-miss and a Shu double takeout made us think – “Hey, there’s a chance.”  Tied at 2.

The 4th, the measurement stick says USA – USA steals one for a 3-2 lead.

The 5th, “Slow down … slow down … hold on … damn.”  Shuster’s rock slides through the house, and Sweden takes a 4-3 lead.  What am I thinking at this moment?  I’m hungry – I need a snack.

The 6th, “Wait … Edin doesn’t miss.  Something is different today.”  Shu hits a great draw for 2 … and the US reclaims the lead.  #IBelieve.

The 7th.  Edin misses with his first … but gets a point with his second shot.  He’s looking more like Loki, and not like Thor.  Just as Tretiak was off his game in 1980 … a chink in the armor … we have to take advantage of this.

The 8th. My wife and newborn are fast asleep. I want to run around the house, yelling and screaming, like I just won the Stanley Cup. I can’t believe what I’m watching.

I think I’m tearing up. Shut up.

The 9th.  Don’t give up a lot.  US playing conservative … gives up two.  But we get the hammer back.

The 10th.  They’re running out of rocks.  We keep knocking them out of the house.  4 rocks left …. 3 rocks … Edin spin-a-rama … wonder why he … OH WAIT … WE WIN!!!!!