It’s great to see the celebrities getting into the love of curling.  JJ Watt, Mr. T, Kirstie Alley, Aaron Rodgers …

Wait, scratch Kirstie Alley.

This is the time that USA Curling needs to activate this celebrity love.  Activate?  Sorry for the marketing term. 

So, how can USA Curling step it up?  We’ve seen Curling Night in America (which is great, but just like the curling coverage on CNBC – taped delayed).  We all know that the curling clubs get busier once every four years – just like the gym on January 1st.

But, we don’t want that same letdown that my workout sees around January 8.  How can USA Curling step it up?

It’s time to take a page for ballroom dancing’s playbook.

That’s right – take one Olympian and pair them up with 3 celebs.  Except, this isn’t a fan vote — the teams have to win to stay in … and the winning team takes home the MirrorRock trophy.

Think about it, how many people turned in to see some celebs try something different.   Jerry Springer to Emmitt Smith, Ginger Zee to Nikki Bella.

We want to see how Mr. T would do sliding out of the hack, under the instruction of John Shuster.    Team up some big dudes like Mike Golic, Larry Fitzgerald and Gabriel Iglesias with Nina Roth.  And yes, an all-moustache rink of Matt Hamilton, Tom Selleck, Geraldo Rivera and Burt Reynolds.

Here’s the appeal of curling – anyone can do it.  Rather than seeing the world’s best at Curling Night in America… what if we see people we all know and love doing something that might be very awkward for them …  It’s like TMZ meets the CBC.

Let’s go back to Kirstie Alley.  How many news outlets picked up the tweet (and the corresponding response from Team Shuster)?  We are a celebrity-obsessed country … and it’s time to activate that celebrity power.