So, what are the Bridge of Allan Highland Games?

Traditional cultural and sporting events right in the area of Stirling Castle, the Ochil Hills and the National Wallace Monument (think Braveheart). Caber toss, running, cycling, wrestling and more.

Don’t forget about the dancers and pipe & drum corps!

The Ice Queen Cometh

Eve Muirhead is the 2017 Chief for these games (as there .  Through a quick google search leading me to came up with this – “The ceremonial role of chieftain is bestowed upon a member of the local community or clan chief, who then leads processions, opens the games and oversees the whole event with aplomb. ”

A quick Google lookup of “aplomb” lead me to this …

noun: aplomb
  1. self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation.
    “Diana passed the test with aplomb
    synonyms: poise, self-assurance, self-confidence, calmness, composure, collectedness, levelheadedness, sangfroid, equilibrium, equanimity;

    “the judges were especially impressed by her aplomb”

So, congratulations to Eve and the organizers and athletes of the Bridge of Allan Highland Games!