Month: June 2017

Brilliant Scottish ad featuring Sarah Reid

Former Team Muirhead lead Sarah Reid is featured on a Scottish ad for Specsavers – a discount glasses provider.   This normally would be something that Phil might do when he hasn’t had his normal glass of Mallort … but for others, its a great sign to know you need a pair of glasses. Specsavers – Curling from STV Creative on...

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Champion Dads – Gushue, Nichols and Kids on front of Newfoundland Herald

The Newfoundland Herald released their Father’s Day edition with a couple of “Champion Dads” on the cover.  Brad Gushue (with Haley and Melissa) and Mark Nichols (with Beckett and Emmett) made the front cover of this weekly magazine, dubbed “Newfoundland’s #1 Entertainment Magazine.” Find out more about the Newfoundland Herald by clicking here.  Please note, it is a pay-per-issue...

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