I’ve always been a fan of Uni-Watch.com.  Paul Lukas runs this blog, is a frequent contributor to ESPN (especially when a pro-sports team releases a new uniform or logo), and actually is an avid curler.  Go figure, he actually played one day for a co-ed softball team in ChicagoI had quit the year before (moved to the burbs).

It’s a great site that is updated quite frequently, always pulls in history, and frequently mocks the color purple.

I posted a tweet a while ago about who you thought the best dressed rinks were…  here’s some of the answers we got …  Edin, Ulsrud, Schultz, Horsman  OK, so there were like only 2 people that responded … but that gives me enough ammo to go with for a blog article.

Schenectady Curling‏ submitted an interesting jersey … but the logo looked like a bee. And, I’m allergic to bees. So that was automatically disqualified for bringing up bad memories.

Team Edin

We definitely see the national pride for Team Edin, with the blue-and-yellow color scheme reminiscent of Team Sweden.  And, for those who are wondering, the Vikings came from Denmark, Norway and Sweden – not Minnesota.  The uniforms were produced by Dynasty Curling.

The large central logo reminds me of a promotion that Seatlle Mariners (Baseball) ran in 1998.  A year later, Major League Baseball took the promotion and expanded it. 


I’m going to give kudos to Edin and team for these uniforms, as I think this is the first of this style that I remember seeing.  My only critique is the blue at the top.  At the bottom of these unis, you’ll see a gradient with the white and the yellow.  The blue just seems a bit harsh, almost as if someone off-centered the shoulder yokes for the Colorado Avalanche.  Good for originality with the big Viking, but the “base” colors need a little something.

Team Ulsrud (From Coyotes Curling Club in Arizona)

This rink was a definite no brainer to make the list.  How could they not?  They’re known for their pants.

Team Ulsrud is typically seen in a traditional, simple top with a wide variety of insane pants.

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 2.51.34 PM

How influential is Team Ulsrud?  Here’s a photo of Phil paying homage to the team.

I’m a big fan of the combination of traditional and creativity for Team Ulsrud.  They’re able to set themselves apart with the crazy pants … they’re able to basically do whatever they want for a new look … but still have that traditional top.  It’s a flexible uniform scheme, and doesn’t feel obsessive like the University of Oregon Football Team.

From uni-watch.com

From uni-watch.com

Team Schultz


Another Team Dynasty creation.  First, the mullet-eagle is just funny.  Second, and the reason why I think this stands out a bit more than Team Edin, is the sublimated background.  The whole uniform screams America.  Great job on the design here.

Team Horsman (From Coyotes Curling Club in Arizona)

This is a pretty cool sublimated design from Dynasty Curling.


I love the crest in the middle, and the color scheme makes this team look like they are on fire.  (Must have been designed by Cinna … take a bow, Cinna).


The only thing missing, 2 of the guys need to match up the brooms.  I personally would go orange, the yellow is OK.

Alright, so here at NerdCurl, we’re like Switzerland.  We don’t like to make decisions.  You on the other hand, can.  Let us know, which team do you think is the best dressed?