If you haven’t been keeping tabs, we’ve let Twitter predict the USA Curling Nationals.  We held polls 2 day prior to the games for each day.  We just add the storyline.  It’s almost like pro wrestling!

Day 4 – Men’s Draw 5

  • McCormick is doing his best Mr. Plow impersonation, pushing away the competition.  He wins 8-2 over Sobering, who just can’t get off the schneid.

  • Shuster comes back from his loss in Day 3, and forces an 7th end handshake from Dropkin.  Final score, 10-3.
  • Fenson and Brown put in a battle for the ages, going 13 ends.  Fenson, with hammer, ends up 2″ shy of Brown’s red rock … Brown takes it 7-6 in a true defensive battle.
  • Birr, in a crazy attempt to prevent us from selling more t-shirts, keeps screaming at the camera that Shuster’s second has a last name of Hamilton … we should be plugging the t-shirts on their game recaps.  But, nope, I’m sticking with the original “Aaron” Birr bit.  Yes, I’m young, scrappy and hungry myself ….  and speaking of t-shirts … buy one of these.  Save 10% by using the promo code SCRAPPY.

Shhh … in the distance … you can hear Phil complaining that I’ve run this joke into the ground.  DON’T CARE!

  • The Leichter scale puts up a quick 4 point rumble early, but that doesn’t stop Clark from putting up 10 unanswered.  Final score, Clark 12-Leichter 7 in nine ends.

Day 4 – Women’s Draw 4

  • The heavyweights Christensen and Sinclair battle back and forth with big numbers.  2 here, 4 there, 3 there … even an out-of-nowhere triple takeout uppercut by Christensen to put up a 5 spot.  The slugfest ends with Christensen getting back up while Sinclair slumps back to the mat … Final score 15-13 Sinclair.  YO, ADDDDRRRRIAAAAANNN!

  • Schultz and Bear are on the next sheet, but you couldn’t have a polar opposite of a game.  Empty end, empty end, empty end.  Defense first by Bear, which in just 60 short minutes … keeps Schultz scoreless.  Which, is more defense than you’ll ever see from the Chicago Bears … but that’s beside the point.  Schultz puts the first point on the board in the 6th, and her Eagles double-up Team Bear 6-3.  AND, UNFORTUNATELY, THE NFL WON’T ALLOW EMBEDDING OF THE EAGLES AND BEARS FROM WEEK 2.
  • Team Gryffindor takes on Team Clark, with Skip Potter putting on a lesson that everyone could take notes from.  Potter 10, Clark 2.


  • Roth breaks open the game in the eighth end with a steal of 3, ends up winning 9-5 over Team Wood.

DAY 4 – Men’s Draw 6

  • Shuster and Brown start off big, tied at 5 after three ends … then the wheels come off both teams.  Both teams struggled for the next four ends, trying to find the right weight.  A strange blip on the radar for both teams, but Shuster’s second comes back – he doesn’t throw away his shot… helping Team Shuster score a deuce in the eight.  Final score 11-8 Shuster.
  • Birr says “Thank you for lifting the burden.”  He leads his team to a easy 11-2 win over Clark.
  • Team McCormick wants to make sure they catch “This is Us,” and show determination that they’ve never shown before in competitive curling.  Clawson has no chance, shaking after 5 to the onslaught known as Team McCormick.  10-1.
  • In a game between two teams that haven’t won … someone has to.  There’s no way around it.  Leichter 9, Sobering 4.
  • Fenson makes his way back to 500 for the tournament, taking the win over Dropkin 8-6.


  • Potter keeps trying to get Team Bear to roll over.  For every 1 point for Bear, Gryffindor puts up at least 2.  It finally comes to the end in the 9th, and Bear has no other choice to roll over. 10-4.

  • Sinclair bounces back big against Roth, and takes the game handily.  Sinclair 9, Roth 4.
  • Christensen keeps up the momentum, and her victory over Wood means that the team is on a four game winning streak.
  • Schultz’s Eagles fly high, taking down Team Clark 8-3.


Team Wins Losses
McCormick 6 0
Birr 5 1
Shuster 5 1
Brown 4 2
Clark 4 2
Fenson 3 3
Clawson 1 5
Dropkin 1 5
Leichter 1 5
Sobering 0 6
Team Wins Losses
Schultz 5 0
Christensen 4 1
Potter 3 2
Sinclair 3 2
Roth 2 3
Bear 2 3
Clark 1 4
Wood 0 5