That’s right, Twitter knows its stuff.  It’s helping to predict Day 3 of the USA National Curling Championships TWO days before it actually happens.  Here are the results from a very close-knit battle of the stones.  (For those who don’t remember are previous posts, ties are broken by alphabetical order … it’s my contest, respect my authoritah).  Due to this rule, Zelda Zidane wasn’t able to qualify for the tournament.

WOMEN’S DRAW 2 – 2/13 9am

  • Team Clark and Christensen battle point for point on Sheet A, with Clark taking the odd ends.  It comes down to Cory Christensen’s last shot in the 10th, where the front end of Taylor Anderson and Jenna Haag get on their horse sweeping.  Christensen’s last shot gets a miracle bounce … knocking out one last yellow rock to score the Deuce.  Final score, Christensen 6-Clark 5.
  • Sheet B has another close game, with Roth and Bear going point for point.  An unforced error on Bear’s last shot in the 7th ends up in a blank end.  Roth capitalizes in the 8th to go up 4-3.  Bear gambles and blanks the end in the 9th, keeping the hammer in the 10th.  The gamble pays off, with Bear putting up a 3 spot.  Final score, Bear 6- Roth 4.
  • Sheet C between Sinclair and Schultz is taken to a dramatic 11th end, with Schultz holding the hammer.  On her last throw, the front end of Jordan Moulton and Stephanie Senneker pull out their new secret weapon … the Eagle Sweeping Method.  Moulton jumps on Senneker’s back, allowing the duo to put major force down on the broom.  They sweep the final stone right onto the button … securing a 6-5 win for Schultz.

  • Sheet D sees a quick start by Team Potter, who makes Team Wood look like Hufflepuff – largely unnoticed.  Final score, Potter 6, Wood 3.

MEN’S DRAW #4 – 2/13 

  • His name is Alexander Leichter, there’s a million things he hasn’t done … but just you wait, just you wait.  Unfortunately for him, Team Birr outduels him to a 7-0 victory.  Birr is on a winning streak, and the team is starting to look like one you wouldn’t want to face come playoff time.  Unless you’re wearing one of our “Not Throwing Away My Shot” NerdCurl Hoodies.  Use the promo code SCRAPPY and save 10%.  Team Birr is tied for 2nd after 4 draws.

  • Brown skips a textbook game, taking home a 7-3 win over Team Clawson on Sheet B.  Brown ends up the day tied up in the 2nd place logjam.
  • Team Clark also ends up the day tied for 2nd, defeating Team Dropkin 8-4.
  • Sheet D features a marquee matchup between two undefeated teams, McCormick and Shuster.  Shuster puts up an early deuce, but then struggles the west of the way (in essence, putting up a different kind of deuce).  McCormick’s steamroller showed up in the second, rallying off 8 straight points.  Final score … 8-2 McCormick.
  • Sheet E.  Fenson opens up an early 3 point lead in the second … and is up 5-2 in the fifth.  Team Sobering storms back to force an extra end.  Is this another comeback – just like the Patriots?  Nope.  Fenson battles back and scores their 6th point in end 11, taking home the win 6-5.

WOMEN’S DRAW #3 – 2/13 7PM

  • Roth and Schultz are over on Sheet A for this draw.  The eagles continue to fly high, taking the game 5-3.
  • Wood and Clark are next door on Sheet B, and both teams are putting up the offense.  The game has the most points scored for the tournament, Clark winning 12-10.  Defense be damned.
  • Sheet C sees team Christensen beat Team Potter.  Team Potter’s coach, Sirius Black, is nowhere to be seen.  Let’s see if the coach shows up all fired up for Tuesday’s competition.  Get it?  Fired up!

  • Sinclair bounced back over on Sheet E, and scores a 7-0 victory over Bear.  Team Bear looks more like the Chicago Bears, giving up the touchdown. #WheresDitka


Team Wins Losses
McCormick 4 0
Birr 3 1
Brown 3 1
Clark 3 1
Shuster 3 1
Fenson 2 2
Clawson 1 3
Dropkin 1 3
Leichter 0 4
Sobering 0 4


Team Wins Losses
Schultz 3 0
Bear 2 1
Christensen 2 1
Sinclair 2 1
Clark 1 2
Potter 1 2
Roth 1 2
Wood 0 3