In case you’ve missed what’s going on … Twitter has predicted the outcome of February 12’s Mens and Womens Round Robin games two days early.  We’re calling this “The American Way” to determine our curling champions.  Thank you, President Trump.

MENS DRAW 2 – FEB 12 @ 12pm

The men took to the ice, and most teams shook off the early cobwebs that they struggled with in Draw 1.

  • Sheet A saw a good battle between Team Fenson and Team Shuster.  John and the boys take home the win, after shaking off early 2-0 and 3-1 leads.  Shuster is now riding a 2-game streak out of the gate.
  • Team McCormick took the ice early and pounded home the victory.  Team Leichter conceeds after 6, with the final score being 6-0 McCormick.  This is the 2nd win for McCormick.
  • On Sheet C, Team Sobering gave up 2 points for every 1 they scored.  The final – Clawson 4, Sobering 2.  Clawson racks up their first victory of the tournament.
  • Sheet D had one a tightly contested battle, with Craig Brown scoring on the final rock to take it 4-3 over Team Clark.  Brown is now 2-0 in the tournament.
  • Sheet E was over quick, with Team Birr winning 7-0.  Team Dropkin struggled out of the gate, and never could recover.  Birr wins their first for the tournament.  NerdCurl’s Dan realizes that he’s going to now make Hamilton references about Birr.  By the way, have you bought your “Not Throwing Away My Shot?” T-Shirt yet?  Use the promo code SCRAPPY to save 10%.  (I have a wedding to pay for …)
Shuster (2-0)
McCormick (2-0)
Clawson (1-1)
Brown (2-0)
Birr (1-1)

WOMENS DRAW 1 – FEB 12 @ 4pm

Time for the ladies, who hit the ice for the first games of the round robin.  Only 8 teams in the tournament, meaning Sheet E is open during this draw.  Yes, that means that there will be no Sheet E jokes.

  • Team Sinclair’s 3 in the first sets the tone, and they cruise to victory over Team Becca Wood.  The Final – Sinclair 7, Wood 1.
  • Team Schultz rides into town on the wings of mulleted eagles, putting up tallies in the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th.  Five total blank ends in the match doesn’t help Team Potter, whose brooms might be bewitched by Professor Snape.  Final score, 4-1 Schultz.
  • Team Madison Bear already has more wins in this tournament than the Chicago Bears will see next football season.  Team Clark puts up a deuce in the 8th, but can’t complete the comeback.  Bear 4, Clark 2.
  • Sheet D starts out rough with 3 blank ends, but Team Roth ends up taking home the victory over Team Christensen.  Roth 5, Christensen 2.
Sinclair (1-0)
Schultz (1-0)
Bear (1-0)
Roth (1-0)

MENS DRAW 3 – FEB 12 @ 8PM

The men are back at the arena for the Sunday night cap.  The ice tonight is definitely looking one sided, with one close game being registered.

  • Team Clark looked motivated out of the start, trying to recover  from their heartbreaking loss from earlier today.  Team Clawson looked like the Atlanta Falcons fans after their team lost the coin toss, and couldn’t stop the momentum of Team Clark until their solo point in the 5th).  Final score, Clark 5, Clawson 1.
  • Team Fenson and Team Birr traded point for point until the 7th end, when Team Birr stands up for something and lays down a defensive end in the 7th.  Birr takes the win after this duel, talking less and smiling more.  Final score, Birr 4-Fenson 3.  Birr notches their second win.
  • Team Shuster looks impressive again, putting up eight against team Leichter.  Shuster 8 – Leichter 1.
  • Despite the 0-fer in the first set, Team Dropkin comes back with a vengence.  Team Sobering can only shake their head as Dropkin wins their first game of the tournament, 5-1.
  • The steamroller known as Team McCormick flattens Team Brown, 6-0.
Clark (2-1)
Birr (2-1)
Shuster (3-0)
Dropkin (1-2)
McCormick (3-0)


Team Wins Losses
McCormick 3 0
Shuster 3 0
Birr 2 1
Brown 2 1
Clark 2 1
Clawson 1 2
Dropkin 1 2
Fenson 1 2
Leichter 0 3
Sobering 0 3


Team Wins Losses
Bear 1 0
Roth 1 0
Schultz 1 0
Sinclair 1 0
Christensen 0 1
Clark 0 1
Potter 0 1
Wood 0 1

Remember to watch the actual curling, starting tomorrow (Saturday, 2/11) with the Men’s First Draw. Will out Twitter predictions hold out? Watch the Birr vs. McCormick match on the live stream … tune into