Let’s talk football for a second.  The NFL wanted to fix something that had become, well, boring in their game.  The extra point.  For the 2014 season, kickers were hitting at a 99.2 percent success rate.  Basically – extra points were automatic.

Jump to 2015 – 94.1%.  So, 5 percent doesn’t seem like a drastic change … but, that’s 1 out of 20.  Compared to 1 out of 100.  And, so far this year, 95.2% success rate.

The interesting thing, for the 2015 season, the number of times that teams “went for two” went up from 58 to 94.  Not a game changer, but at least it seemed like teams were going for two a little more often.

So, back to curling.  What rule would you change to try and get curling a little more attention?  Let us know, send it to dan@nerdcurl.com with the subject line “Rule Change.”  We’ll read off the best on a future podcast.