There are a ton of Power Rankings out there.  I probably first saw Power Rankings for Major League Baseball back on ESPN.  Now, everyone has them.  Even the WWE has Power Rankings on ESPN (of all places).

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So, we’d like to present our September 2016 Power Rankings.  It’s perfect for the start of the season, as it kicks off with the Stu Sells Oakville.

2015 Stu Sells Oakville – Women’s Champions
Team Homan

2015 Stu Sells Oakville – Men’s Champions
Team Gushue

But, since Phil is working 94-hours a week … I have to put my own flair on this.  #DansStupidity
Photo from

Photo from

10.  Team Shuster

After taking home the bronze at the World Championships in Switzerland, John and the boys are looking to kick off the year with a bang.  Look for the American Skip to start out the year strong.

And, as you can tell by the photo, John is also hoping to finish strong in the 2017 Air Guitar World Championships.

John Shuster USA Curling Page

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-8-42-37-pmMy CurlingZone Player Page

Yes, I have a Curlingzone Player Page.  You’re jealous.  Admit it.

Dan Mulka’s CurlingZone Player Page

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-8-49-36-pmThis Tweet from Kaitlyn Lawes

I have to be honest … I know curling is a cold weather sport, and I should embrace the fact that winter is coming.  But, I need a few more weeks of summer.  It went by way too quick.

Kaitlyn Lawes Curling Canada Page

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-8-52-33-pmThe BalancePlus Light Speed Broom in Grey and Orange

It’s a very lightweight broom, and comes in an assortment of colors.  Many teams are using it, including Team Glenn Howard, Team Epping, Team Koe, Team Simmons/Morris, Team Murdoch, Team Brewster, Team Sweeting, Team Middaugh and Team Lawton.

Plus, I’m throwing this in for Phil.  Not because he uses this broom, he just likes saying “Kevin Koe.”


Hollywood Curling

This goes hand in hand with me not wanting summer to go away.  How cool would it be to go curling … and then go outside in shorts.  They put on some awesome events, including their Summer Blockbuster Spiel where you can rent a celebrity ringer.  (We’re not talking about Gerry from, but he’s pretty cool too.)

Check out their web site at, and buy some of their merch at

The Poutine at Four Seasons Curling Club

The genius that decided to put gravy, cheese and bacon on fries deserves a fricking medal.

I ate this meal at my first Big Spiel in Minneapolis, and life has never been the same.

Image Credit: GSOC Photo Credit: Anil Mungal

Image Credit: GSOC
Photo Credit: Anil Mungal

Team Homan

  • Top ranked team in the world in the Order of Merit and top ranked team in Canada in the Canadian Team Ranking System
  • 2016 Canada Cup Champion, securing the first spot in the 2017 Roar of the Rings Canadian Curling Trials
  • Champion in seven World Curling Tour events
  • Winner of three Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling events, bringing career total Grand Slam titles to five
  • 2016 WFG Continental Cup Champion (Team North America)
  • First ever women’s team to compete in a men’s Grand Slam of Curling event
  • Finished first in Rogers Grand Slam Cup Women’s standings

Just look at the bullet points above.  It’s hard to argue with the success that Team Homan had in 2015/2016.  Is there anything that can stop this machine?

From, who took it from NBC News.

From, who took it from NBC News.

Olympic Curlers

Well, thanks to Ryan Lochte, every other Olympian looks better.  Seriously, that guy is a douche.  I hope Megatron destroys him on Dancing with the Stars.

Yea, I just made a Dancing with the Stars reference.  I don’t care.  Go Lions.

nvAfZqEvEve Muirhead

I know, I know.  Phil’s not here.  But I figured I’d throw this one on for him.

But, in all seriousness … here is a stat that is hard to argue…  Phil’s Eve Muirhead interview got about 5 times the listens then any other episode that we put out of NerdCurl.

The numbers don’t lie … and that’s why Eve hits the inaugural chart at Number 2.

Which means, what could number 1 be?

I got engaged on September 1!!!


We’ll be updating the Power Rankings every month, so stay frosty curling fans.