Month: September 2016

The American Curling Report

NerdCurl’s own Phil Darin penned the first “American Curling Report” for From the Hack.  Definitely check it out, and check out the podcast from our friends at From the Hack....

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September 2016 NerdCurl Power Rankings

There are a ton of Power Rankings out there.  I probably first saw Power Rankings for Major League Baseball back on ESPN.  Now, everyone has them.  Even the WWE has Power Rankings on ESPN (of all places). (Hope you enjoyed the plug, @duresport) So, we’d like to present our September 2016 Power Rankings.  It’s perfect for the start of the season, as it kicks off with the Stu Sells Oakville. 2015 Stu Sells Oakville – Women’s Champions Team Homan 2015 Stu Sells Oakville – Men’s Champions Team Gushue But, since Phil is working 94-hours a week … I have to put my...

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