Image Credit: WCF Photo CredIt: Michael Burns

Image Credit: WCF
Photo CredIt: Michael Burns



Congratulations to Switzerland, Japan, and Russia on your gold, silver, and bronze medals at the 2016 Ford World Women’s Curling Championship! For Switzerland (skipped by Binia Feltscher), this is their third consecutive gold medal and fourth in the past five years, and the second for the Feltscher rink. This is Japan’s (skipped by Satsuki Fujisawa) first medal in the event, while for Russia (skipped by Anna Sidorova) it is their third consecutive bronze medal both for Russia and as a rink. Interestingly enough, the teams finished as they were seeded going into the playoffs…Switzerland & Japan first and second with 9-2 records, while Russia was third with an 8-3 record. Canada (skipped by Chelsea Carey) was the fourth seed, also at 8-3, and ended up finishing fourth in the event. Surprisingly, there were no tiebreakers for playoff spots.

As for my predictions going into the event, I correctly predicted two of the four playoff teams. I incorrectly predicted Scotland (skipped by Eve Muirhead) and the United States (skipped by Erika Brown) to make the playoffs, while they finished fifth and sixth instead. I was not correct with any of my medal/placing predictions, as I had Russia winning gold, Scotland silver, Canada bronze, and the United States finishing fourth.



And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the update to the NerdCurl vs Twine-Time challenge. Coming into this event. Twine-Time had a 1-point lead of 118 points to my 117. For this event, we used to the  same scoring as the European Championships/Scotties/Brier…1 point for each correct qualifying team, and then an additional 2/3/4/5 points for fourth/Bronze/Silver/Gold. You can read his predictions here, now let’s look at the results.


Qualifiers – 3/4: 3 Points

Final Placing/Medals – Fourth: 2 Points

Event Total- 5 Points

Season Total- 123 Points


Qualifiers – 2/4: 2 Points

Final Placing/Medals – None: 0 Points

Event Total- 2 Points

Season Total- 119 Points

And there you have it. Twine-Time extends his lead by an additional three points, but it’s still close. As for overall event wins, I still lead with 5 to their 4. Men’s Worlds is coming right up, followed by the two final Grand Slam of Curling events.