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Congratulations to Team Alberta (skipped by Chelsea Carey), winners of the 2016 Scotties Tournament of Hearts! They went 9-2 in the round-robin, finishing at the top of the standings. In the 1v2 game they defeated Team Canada (skipped by Jennifer Jones), and in the final defeated Team Northern Ontario (skipped by Krista McCarville). As Team Canada they will now go on to the Ford World Women’s Curling Championship next month. They’ve also earned a spot on Team North America in the 2017 Continental Cup in Las Vegas, and will earn a berth in the 2017 Tim Horton’s Roar Of The Rings if they medal at Worlds.

As for my predictions for the event, I correctly predicted all four playoff teams. As for final placing, I was 2/4. I predicted that Team Northern Ontario would finish fourth, Team Canada would win Bronze, Team Manitoba (skipped by Kerri Einarson) would win Silver, and that Team Alberta would win Gold.


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the update to the NerdCurl vs Twine-Time challenge. Coming into this event. Twine-Time had a 10-point lead of 102 points to my 92. For this event, we agreed to the same scoring we used for the European Championships…1 point for each correct qualifying team, and then an additional 2/3/4/5 points for fourth/Bronze/Silver/Gold. You can read his predictions here, now let’s look at the results.


Qualifiers – 3/4: 3 Points

Final Placing/Medals – Silver: 4 Points

Event Total- 7 Points

Season Total- 109 Points


Qualifiers – 4/4: 4 Points

Final Placing/Medals – Gold, Bronze: 8 Points

Event Total- 12 Points

Season Total- 104 Points

And there you have it. I’ve narrowed the gap to 5 points, and am now leading the season with 4 event wins to his 3. With the Brier, two World Championships, and three remaining Slams the season and this contest are far from over, but the 2016 half is off to a good start for NerdCurl.