One of my favorite features of the Scotties and the Brier is the province vs. province competition. It’s a sense of pride to win your province and represent in the country’s national curling championship.


It’s something that, unfortunately, we’ll never see in this country. The closest thing that resembles a state vs. state competition is the Little League World Series, and even then — the jersey you wear represents a generic region if you are a United States team.


It’s hard to have a sense of state pride. I grew up in Michigan (with a brief stint in North Carolina). I currently live in Illinois. Our current governor isn’t in jail, which is a plus for the state. Cost of living is high, I spend more time in my car commuting then I’d like, and we’re no longer last in people trying to leave the state (thank you Virginia!).

So, for a non-Olympic curling tournament to grab some attention, it’s difficult. Although, if you’ve come across this blog, you’re a curling fan that goes above and beyond … but how could a curling tournament get big and garner the attention of John and Jane Q. Public?

Think reality TV and B-List celebs. Literally, it’s the “Dancing with the Stars” plan


Take a season of B-list celebs looking to try and gain some attention. Put them in sessions, getting yelled at by John Shuster and Erika Brown. Lock the teams in separate quarters – Real World style. Weight training, sweeping, team building, lunges, and throw in at least one person getting kicked off of a team.

You have some celebrities that look completely shaky on the ice, just like the “novelty” celebrities that make Dancing with the Stars (Nancy Grace, Jerry Springer, Snooki). You have the athletes that are out of their element (Evander Holyfield, Emmitt Smith, Monica Seles). You have those who you just expect to win (Shawn Johnson, Apolo Ohno, Kristi Yamaguchi).


Curling already has celebrities that have taken part of the game, such as Kristy Swanson, Vernon Davis and Brendan Fehr. All you have to do is call Hollywood Curling, and I’m sure they’d have a huge list.  PS.  Hollywood Curling – I borrowed the photo of Wil Wheaton.


Yes, it would have to be a bit more behind-the-scenes drama based then a pure athletic competition should be. But, it’s about getting behind the celebrity and hoping that his or her team wins.

But, what do they win at? Curling.

Dan Mulka is one of the co-hosts of NerdCurl, and a member of the Chicago Curling Club.  Follow him at @dtgoalie30 on the Twitter.