Day: January 2, 2016

The US Will Never Have The Scotties or Brier, But This Game Plan Could Get Attention

One of my favorite features of the Scotties and the Brier is the province vs. province competition. It’s a sense of pride to win your province and represent in the country’s national curling championship. It’s something that, unfortunately, we’ll never see in this country. The closest thing that resembles a state vs. state competition is the Little League World Series, and even then — the jersey you wear represents a generic region if you are a United States team. It’s hard to have a sense of state pride. I grew up in Michigan (with a brief stint in North...

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Episode 13 – A Very Nerdy Christmas

It’s the holiday season, the biggest movie of the year is in the theaters, and Dan & Phil offer their take on both. Star Wars, curlers letters to Santa, curling news and more! Nothing is safe as we name drop like we’ve never name dropped...

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