Month: January 2016

Episode 15: Phil’s Continental Cup/Vegas Trip, Dan’s Minnesota/The Big Spiel Trip

It’s an episode where the guys talk about road trips.  Phil goes on and on (and on) about his trip to Vegas to experience the Continental Cup, and Dan goes to Minnesota to participate in the Big Spiel. News from the Continental Cup, the Golden Wrench Classic, a Curling Wedding and the latest in Broomhaha (don’t call it Broomgate). Don’t forget to visit our sponsors including,, Windy City Curling’s WC3 Bonspiel and Biggest Bark Podcasting. You can subscribe via iTunes by clicking this...

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Dan’s Trip to “The Big Spiel” in Minnesota

  I made my way up to Minnesota for the 2nd Annual “Big Spiel.” The tournament has 96 teams playing their way through 4 different clubs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. This year, I ended up going solo (although bringing my co-pilot, Bella). Was still feeling it a little bit from running in the Walt Disney World Marathon just five days prior … didn’t know how that was going to affect me. THURSDAY NIGHT I met my teammates on Thursday night at Frogtown Curling Club. Frogtown is a dedicated 5-sheet curling club, changed over from a hockey rink. As...

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My Volunteer Experience At The Continental Cup

          Back in June, almost seven months before the event, I received the email that my volunteer application had been accepted. Within a week my flight was booked and I was looking into hotel reservations. Maybe I was just a little bit excited… This was going to be my first time volunteering at an event like this. I had done some volunteer work at large events before, but nothing on this scale. Furthermore, this wasn’t just some large sporting event, this was CURLING! IN LAS VEGAS! Honestly, when the Continental Cup was in Vegas back in 2014 I wasn’t nearly the curling fan I am now. Flash forward a year and my teammates and I are sitting at Gabe’s (at Four Seasons Curling Club) eating poutine and licking our wounds after getting demolished during our first game at The Big Spiel. The Continental Cup (2015) is on TV, and they make the announcement….IT’S COMING BACK TO VEGAS IN 2016! Right then and there I knew I had to be there.     In the months (and later weeks) leading up to the event, there was excellent communication to all of us volunteers. Any questions we had were quickly answered. Soon enough the time came and I was on my way to Vegas. Specifically, I was to be working in security and accreditation. For accreditation, I...

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Episode 14 – A Look Back At 2015

Dan is in Florida, so Phil is left to handle things on his own. He takes a look back at the 2015 half of the season, absent of Dan’s interference…or supervision. Listen to what happens when Phil is left to his own...

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The US Will Never Have The Scotties or Brier, But This Game Plan Could Get Attention

One of my favorite features of the Scotties and the Brier is the province vs. province competition. It’s a sense of pride to win your province and represent in the country’s national curling championship. It’s something that, unfortunately, we’ll never see in this country. The closest thing that resembles a state vs. state competition is the Little League World Series, and even then — the jersey you wear represents a generic region if you are a United States team. It’s hard to have a sense of state pride. I grew up in Michigan (with a brief stint in North...

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