It’s the tenth end in the Olympics.  Skip has the hammer and is about to put the game on ice.  The skip releases pretty close to the hog line, but the lights don’t go red.  The front end is sweeping hard, putting every last bit into it.  The rock slowly creeps in the hours, the tension mounts.  Creeping, the skip is yelling HARD as loud as possible.

Is it?  Yes, it is!  You can tell that the hammer just out-edged the other teams yellow.  It’s a gold medal.

An official steps out on the ice.  The red flag has been thrown.  The yellow skip is challenging the play.

challengeFLAG“The last play is under review.”

If you are a football fan, this phrase is haunting.  And, this phrase tends to be occurring more and more.  Although this could be a phrase that saves your team’s rear-end, you have been on the opposite end too many times.  If you’re a college football fan, it happens even more so (as the replay official can call for a review at any time.  I remember 4 reviews from the booth in the first half of the Michigan-Michigan State football game where my punter couldn’t get a kick off – leading the Spartans to the College Football Playoffs.

But, I digress, and am still bitter.

Curling is a game where sportsmanship is paramount.  But there has been a few cases of something going terribly wrong.

Life isn’t perfect, and curling is one of them.  I’ll be the first to admit it, there might be an eager official or a glitch with the “Eye on the Hog.”

Thankfully, curling is a sport that isn’t rife with bad calls or no-calls from officials.  It’s a sport that relies on making the shot – and standing up and admitting if you break a rule.  And, isn’t that the way a game should end?

Plus, if this was the NFL.  Here’s how the review of the curling would probably have went.
“The yellow skip challenged the sweeping pattern of the red sweepers on the previous play.  By rule, sweeping patterns are not a reviewable play.  The play stands as called.”

Don’t forget, even with a review system … things can still go wrong.  Sorry NHL, I couldn’t leave you out of this one …  Look it up, kids.







Dan Mulka is a curler, hockey goalie, marketer, podcast host who is obsessed with bulldogs.  You can follow him on Twitter @dtgoalie30, just like all of the spamming twitter robot fake profiles do.