Image Credit: Pinty's Grand Slam Of Curling

Image Credit: Pinty’s Grand Slam Of Curling


Image Credit: GSOC
Photo Credit: Anil Mungal

Image Credit: GSOC Photo Credit: Anil Mungal

Image Credit: GSOC
Photo Credit: Anil Mungal





Congratulations to Team McEwen & Team Homan, winners of the 2015 Grand Slam of Curling Masters. For McEwen, this marks their second Masters title and sixth Grand Slam title overall. This was Homan’s third Masters title, and their third Grand slam title as well. Both teams now sit firmly atop the World Curling Tour Order Of Merit rankings.

Team McEwen went 3-1 in the round-robin, with their only loss coming to their final game against Team Koe. In the playoffs, McEwen defeated Team Carruthers in the quarterfinal, won their rematch against Team Koe in the semifinal, and ultimately defeated Team Cotter in the final. An excellent start to the season to say the least, this marks their third event win of this season. Overall they’re three for five, as they lost in the quarterfinals at the GSOC Tour Challenge and surprisingly failed to qualify at the Canad Inns Men’s Classic.

Team Homan went undefeated in the round-robin at this event. Playoff wins came over Team Jones in the quarterfinal, Team McDonald (playing without their skip, who fell ill) in the semifinal, and defending champs Team Sweeting in the final. They’re having an incredible season so far, winning four out of five events and making the final in the fifth (GSOC Tour Challenge).

Now, let’s take a look at the predictions I made for this event:

For the men, I was 7/8 on qualifying teams. I predicted Team Ulsrud would qualify, while instead they went 1-3 in round-robin and Team Cotter went 3-1 to qualify. I was 1/2 for finals teams, as I predicted Team McEwen would lose to Team Gushue in the final. Team McEwen obviously made it, while Team Gushue lost to Team Laycock in the quarterfinal. As such, I was 0/1 when it came to predicting the winner of the event. Of note is that Team Gushue played much of their game without their skip Brad Gushue, who took a nasty fall in the 4th end only to return (with stitches and still wearing his hospital bracelet) in the 7th. It no doubt affected the remaining three members of the team, and it is certainly debatable as to whether or not the outcome of the game would have been different had Brad Gushue not suffered his injury.

For the women, I did much worse as I was 4/8 on qualifying teams. I predicted Team Fleury, Team Kim, Team Muirhead, and Team Paetz to qualify. Instead, Team Arsenault, Team Einarson, Team Jones, and Team McDonald all qualified. I was 1/2 when it came to finals teams, as I had Team Homan playing Team Sidorova. I correctly predicted that Team Homan would win the event, so in that respect I was 1/1.



And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, an update on the NerdCurl vs Twine-Time Challenge. I wrote about it here, but to summarize James and I are seeing who is better at predicting these major events this season. Scoring is as follows…1 point for each correct qualifier, 2 points for each correct finals team, and 3 points for each correct event winner. Following the Tour Challenge, I was in the lead with 14 points to his 11. Now let’s see how the numbers add up for this event:


Men:  7/8 QF, 0/2 CF, 0/1 F – 7 Points

Women: 5/8 QF, 2/2 CF, 1/1 F – 12 Points

Event Total: 19 Points

Season Total: 30 Points


Men: 7/8 QF, 1/2 CF, 0/1 F – 9 Points

Women: 4/8 QF, 1/2 CF, 1/1 F – 9 Points

Event Total: 18 Points

Season Total: 32 Points

There you have it, NerdCurl loses the event (slightly) but maintains the lead (a little less slightly but still pretty small) for the season. The National is only one week away…will Twine-Time rally and make a comeback in the standings? Will NerdCurl open up their lead? Stay tuned to find out!