An interesting pairing.

I recently went out and purchased the sport Apple Watch. This little beauty cost me a good chunk of change, but to a degree … I thought the dancing Mickey Mouse was kind of cool.

Yes, I am a Disney nerd. I don’t care.

Anyway, so I actually wore the gadget to curling. What are the uses?

So, one of the coolest reasons that I bought the gadget was for the movement tracking. I am actually training for a marathon down in Disney World (of all places, go figure).

The phone actually has three rings (in the top right corner) that are showcased through some of the different apps. The rings measure movement (on some screens, its called activity), exercise, and stand. Movement and Exercise are determined a bit by the heart-rate sensor on the back of the watch.

Movement measures calories burned. This includes through normal activity or through exercising as well.

When the heart-rate sensor sees the heart rate in cardio mode, and the accelerometer tracks a lot of movement … your exercise ring starts to fill in.

And, just to fill out the info …the stand ring fills up by once-an-hour (for 12 hours) standing up and moving around.

You want to lose a stopwatch, and use the Apple Watch stopwatch? In theory, this could be done. If you’re like me, and tend to leave a stopwatch in a pocket … that ends up in the laundry or somewhere else … this might work in a pinch (I won’t tell you how many stopwatches I own).

There are a few potential drawbacks. Could you get used to these? Yes. But, still it would take getting used to.

  • The Small Buttons – “Having to Look”
    You probably take it for granite (hehe …). You probably take it for granted that you can operate your stopwatch without looking. (At least the start and stop functions).With the watch … you do have to be careful on which app is open … and then make sure that you are hitting the right spot on the watch (since the button is truly just a space on a screen).
  • Figuring out your mechanics
    Take a second, look at your watch (or your wrist). OK, now imagine holding a curling broom while you’re doing it … then try and quickly get back into a ready-to-sweep position.

The battery life of an Apple Watch is truly dependent on how much you are going to be playing around with it. The watch face turns off, but will activate as you raise your wrist to look at it. You can also trigger it on by hitting a button.

On a normal day, I would need to just put it on the charger overnight.  Honestly, I don’t play with it all that often.  I just look at the notifications that pop up.

When I’ve been running, using the Nike+ app or even the workout app tends to be a drain.  About two-and-a-half hours in, I got a low battery warning.  This, truly, worries me a bit for my upcoming marathon.  Lately, I just flip on airplane mode and use the Apple Watch for its best application yet … a time piece.


Is the Apple Watch the best new toy for curling?  Nope.  But, if you’re a nerd like me … you’ll probably want it anyway.  Credit limit be damned.