Image Credit: WCT

Image Credit: WCT

Week 10 of the World Curling Tour is now over. Week 11 already begins tomorrow, with the Grand Slam of Curling Masters in Nova Scotia. First though, as always, let’s look back at my predictions for week 10.

WCT Week 10 Preview

And with that, let’s take a look at the results.


Congratulations to Team Grattan, winners of the 2015 Curling Masters Champery! The only Canadian rink in the event, they went 7-1 overall, losing only to Team Baumann in their second game. In the playoffs, they defeated Team Eskillson in the quarterfinal, Team Rantamaki in the semifinal, and Team Keller in the final. This is their second time winning this event, having won previously in 2013.

As for my predictions, I was pretty abysmal with my picks, going 2/8 for qualifiers with Brewster and De Cruz. I was 0/2 when it came to the final game and 0/1 on the winner. I predicted that the final game would be Team Brewster (who lost in the quarterfinal) versus Team Smith (who didn’t even qualify), with Team Smith emerging victorious. I’m not surprised with my performance though, as I was somewhat unfamiliar with a good portion of this field.


Congratulations to Team Gushue, winners of the 2015 Challenge Chateau Cartier de Gatineau! Dominant throughout, Team Gushue went undefeated in round-robin play. In the playoffs, they defeated Team Hemmings in the quarterfinal, Team Mouat in the semifinal, and Team Bice in the final. This is their second time winning this event, as they won in 2013 as well.

My predictions for this event were a mixed bag. I was 3/8 on qualifying teams, only predicting Adams, Casey, and Gushue correctly. I was 1/2 on the final game, as I had Team Gushue facing Team Simmons (who failed to qualify). I did correctly predict Team Gushue to win the event, so I was 1/1 in that respect.


Congratulations to Team Kim, winners of the 2015 Canad Inns Women’s Classic. Their first time winning this event, Team Kim went 7-1 overall with their one loss coming to Team Fleury in the A Qualifier. After qualifying via the B road, they defeated Team McDonald in the quarterfinal, Team Englot in the semifinal, and defending champions Team Jones in the final.

I did much better with my predictions for this event, correctly predicting 7/8 qualifying teams. Team Englot qualified while I had predicted Team Ostlund to do so instead. I was 1/2 with the final game, as I had Team Kim facing Team Ostlund, who I also predicted would win the event, making me 0/1 with the champion.


Congratulations to Team Rocque, winners of the 2015 Red Deer Curling Classic! Team Rocque was dominant and went undefeated throughout the whole event. In the playoffs, they defeated Team Liu in the quarterfinal, Team Chyz in the semifinal, and Team Paetz in the final. This is their first event win of the year, as well as their first time making it to the final, not to mention their first World Curling Tour title as well.

Looking at my predictions, I was 3/8 on qualifying teams. I was 1/2 on the final game, as I had predicted Team Rocque facing Team Carey (who lost in the semifinal to Team Paetz). I did go 1/1 on the champion, as I correctly predicted that Team Rocque would win the event.