Month: October 2015

Episode 10 – Broomhouse of Terrors, Phil’s Dream Interview

The boys from NerdCurl finally weigh in on the Broomgate controversy rocking the curling world.

A NEW Curling Broom Supplier reveals itself to the world – and let’s Dan take a tour of its facilities to see the latest and newest (not necessarily greatest) in broom technology.

Phil’s not left out! Dan actually set up his dream interview for him.

All this on NerdCurl …


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WCT Week 10 Recap

Week 10 of the World Curling Tour is now over. Week 11 already begins tomorrow, with the Grand Slam of Curling Masters in Nova Scotia. First though, as always, let’s look back at my predictions for week 10. WCT Week 10 Preview And with that, let’s take a look at the results. Congratulations to Team Grattan, winners of the 2015 Curling Masters Champery! The only Canadian rink in the event, they went 7-1 overall, losing only to Team Baumann in their second game. In the playoffs, they defeated Team Eskillson in the quarterfinal, Team Rantamaki in the semifinal, and...

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WCT Week 9 Recap

Week 9 has come to a close. Not nearly as busy as week 8 was, but no less important. While teams in Canada were chasing CTRS points, teams in Europe were battling for the right to represent their country at the European Curling Championships in Denmark next month. Although these playdowns were not WCT events, and neither is the European Curling Championship, they are no less significant. For starters though, let’s take a listen to my preview and predictions for this past week. Week 9 Preview Now, let’s take a look at the results.   Congratulations to Team Paetz...

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WCT Week 8 Recap

Well, another week of great World Curling Tour action has come and gone. This week saw the preview of a new feature here at NerdCurl, my solo weekly preview show. Each week I’ll preview and predict what’s coming up in events on the World Curling Tour. If you haven’t already, take a listen to my preview for week 8: Week 8 WCT Preview With that, let’s start with the first event to wrap up: Women’s Masters Basel. Congratulations to Team Sidorova, winners of the 2015 Women’s Masters Basel! They went undefeated throughout the whole event, defeating Team Hasselborg in the quarterfinals, Team Muirhead in the semifinals, and Team Tirinzoni in the final…and what a final it was! At the fourth end break Sidorova was down 4-0. They scored 2 in the fifth and then stole another 2 in the sixth to tie things up. A near-miss on a hit by Sidorova in the seventh prevented the force and allowed Tirinzoni to score 2. Coming home with the hammer and down 2, Sidorova’s final shot was nothing short of incredible…a double-raise takeout to score 3 and win! If you haven’t seen it yet forward to 2:06:00 in this video and watch it, trust me. Pretty spectacular, eh? Seriously though, as any of you who read or listen know I am a huge fan of Team Sidorova so needless to say...

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