Day: September 28, 2015

Point Optical Curling Classic Recap

Congratulations to Team McEwen, winners of the 2015 Point Optical Curling Classic! They went 7-1, having to qualify through the B-road after losing the A-event qualifier to Team Laycock. In top form as usual, they defeated Team Shuster in the quarterfinal and Team Jacobs in the semifinal before facing Team Carruthers in the final, winning 8-4 in seven ends of play. Now back to back winners of this event, Team McEwen takes home some nice prize money ($11,000 CDN) and perhaps more importantly valuable CTRS points. Right now Team Gushue sits atop the leaderboard, with Team Kevin Koe in the number two spot…but not having played this weekend McEwen and others will narrow that gap. The season is in full swing and the race is on for those coveted points…with the sheer caliber of talent and depth of teams in Canadian Men’s Curling, it’s set to be a good one.     It was a great field in Saskatoon, featuring several of my favorite teams. Team Jacobs played well, qualifying through the A side and defeating Team Edin in the quarterfinals before losing a close match to Team McEwen in the semifinal. Team Edin once again found themselves taking the hard road, having to battle through the C event to qualify. Overall though they are off to a better start than last year, and are setting themselves up for...

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Stockholm Ladies Curling Cup Recap

Congratulations to Team Homan, winners of the 2015 Stockholm Ladies Curling Cup! This marks the first time a Canadian rink has won the event, and they take home a little less than $16,000 (CDN) for their efforts. Besides the money (and perhaps more importantly), this win awarded significant CTRS points to Team Homan. If you’re not familiar, the Canadian Team Ranking System (CTRS) is a points system used to rank men’s and women’s curling rinks in Canada, with points being awarded based on results in qualifying events. The CTRS determines who qualifies for the Canadian Olympic Trials (Tim Horton’s Roar of the Rings) every four years, so needless to say it’s a big deal. Team Homan entered this event already at the top of the CTRS rankings by almost 50 points, so this win puts them even further into the lead and well onto the way of their goal of qualifying for and ultimately winning in Ottawa in 2017 to represent Canada in the 2018 Olympics. They’ve had a dominant year so far, and if they keep playing the way they have been this could really be a banner year for them. Looking at this event from my perspective as a fan, I was happy with how my favorite teams did. Team Muirhead played well, going 3-1 in the round-robin and defeating Team Paetz and Team Jones in the...

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