NerdCurl vs Twine-Time Challenge


I’ve been obsessively  watching curling very excessively  regularly since the 2014 Winter Olympics.


My view during the Winter Olympics in 2014.

Whether it’s the World or European Championships, Canada Cup, Scotties, Brier, US Nationals, Continental Cup, Grand Slam of Curling event, Curling Champions Tour event, or even a World Curling Tour sanctioned cashspiel, I’m usually watching it or following along via CurlingZone or CurlingGeek. Basically, if it’s on, I’ll watch it.

Thanksgiving 2014: Curling on the computer, football on the TV.

Thanksgiving 2014: Curling on the computer, football on the TV.

Given this, I’d like to think that I’ve gotten pretty good at handicapping and predicting events. Now, my friend JCR has been covering, handicapping, and predicting curling in his excellent Twine-Time blog for quite some time now, and he is good at it. Naturally, I figured it would be fun if he and I went head-to-head over the course of the season and see who comes out on top.

To do this for all events would be quite extensive and complicated. Rather, we agreed to stick to the big ones…Season of Champions (Canada Cup, Scotties, Brier), European/USA/World Championships, Grand Slam of Curling, and any other events that are qualifiers for the season-ending Grand Slam of Curling Champions’ Cup in May. We may do something for the Continental Cup, but given the unique nature of the event it will be separate and probably something fun and different.

For each event that is part of this, we’ll each write up an event preview with our predictions. To score it, each correctly-picked qualifying team is worth 1 point, team playing in the final is worth 2, and overall winner is worth 3. Whoever has the most points at the end of each event is the winner. I imagine we may up the stakes for the Champions’ Cup. Besides prestige, there will be some sort of actual non-monetary wager, which is as of yet TBD. Throughout the course of the season we will keep you updated on our respective scores. To JCR, I wish you good luck, and good curling…predicting.