Month: August 2015

Fantasy Curling Teams

It’s Fantasy Football teams, and part of the fun of the year is coming up with the best team name. Some of the best names I’ve seen this year online … Le’veon on a Prayer Ditka in a Box Discount Belichick So, I know that curling rinks are typically named after the skip.  Such as Team Jones, Team Shuster, Team Homan and such … but what if teams would pick fantasy football-style, pun filled names? Team Those About to Rock Team Like Big Buttons (and I Cannot Lie) Team Curls, Curls, Curls Team Here Comes the Shuster Team Jones Thugs and Harmony Team Jacobs Your Mind Team MachineMuirhead Team A Morris Line Team Champagne Sidorova So, do you have any great Fantasy Curling Team names?  Make sure to share them with us on Twitter (@NerdCurl) or on Facebook (, use the hashtag #FantasyCurling!  We might share the best ones on the podcast! SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA Tweet FOLLOW NERDCURL ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @nerdcurl...

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Introducing “Chinese Curling”

In honor of Beijing hosting the 2022 Winter Games, I present to you “Chinese Curling.” If someone can invent Mixed Doubles, I can invent my own game.  (PS.  Trademark pending 🙂 ) And, honestly, its based off a game I grew up playing as a kid. Remember Chinese Checkers? Go figure, Chinese Checkers was invented in Germany – well, at least according to Wikipedia. It must be true, right? If you aren’t familiar with the game … it’s a six player game. The goal, move all of your marbles to the direct opposite end before any of the opponents can get their marbles to the other end. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO THE ASTERISK. UFC has the Octogon, Boxing and Wrestling have the Squared Circle, Mad Max has Thunderdome … so Curling has the Asterisk (trademark pending). That’s right.  Six teams, six houses.  Dogs and cats, living together – MASS HYSTERIA.  Keep in mind, every team needs their own handle color. Stones are delivered one at a time.  So, using the above example … Red would go first, then blue, then yellow, then black, then green, then pink. Points are scored just like traditional curling.  If Red is closer to the button than black, red scores a point.  If Blue is closer than green, blue scores.  Pink closer than yellow, pink scores.  Your score is DIRECTLY influenced by your...

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