So, I’m guessing a lot of you did a double-take at the title of this article.  Yea, I’m surprised I’m writing it myself.  But, let me explain.

I work in marketing, and just did a promotion where my waterpark set up a tent in front of Soldier Field for two days.  My target market is “mom and kids,” and Taylor Swift appeals to that demographic.  Trust me, from the 110,000 people that filled Soldier Field over her two shows this weekend … I can attest that at least 80% of the concert goers were female.

Anyway, as a surprise to my interns, I took them to the show on Sunday.  To be honest, heading into the show … I was guessing I’d be like dad taking his kids to the show.  35 going on 50, I guess.

The next part of my story — time to watch some video.  We’re in row 84,239,491 at Soldier Field, so my iPhone did the best it could.

I had a blast.  The techie nerd in me was impressed by the light-up bracelets synchronized to the music.  Her music is insanely catchy.

And, from her addressing the crowd or her on-screen interviews, there is a bit of a nerd in Taylor Swift.  Now, I’m sure this is no secret to most of her fan base … but it was a bit refreshing to see.  This big-huge-mega-star is human, and not afraid to be human.


This is why I think that Taylor Swift would be the perfect spokesperson for USA Curling.

Think about it, for most people, curling happens once every four years.  It’s easy to get exposure during the Olympics.  Clubs see their Learn-to-Curl interest skyrocket, and you try and ride the wave until next boon in four years.  Many arena clubs hope that maybe 2018 is the year they can get put over the hump to earn that dedicated ice.

So, how do you gain interest in the sport RIGHT NOW.


Their is a broad appeal to Taylor Swift’s music that is crazy.  Let me compare it to Garth Brooks, who is my favorite artist of all time.  I never had the chance to see Garth live until this past year.  I’m guessing that maybe the age range was 16+ for Garth.  With Taylor, there was probably just as many 8 year olds as 18 year olds as 28 year olds.

The bit-of-a-nerd personality is perfect for our sport.  Our sport that anyone can do.  The sport that you can get a true cardio workout (if you’re like me … gotta get all the weight on that broom), but even the 75-year old on the next sheet has just as much of a chance of success.


Create a pro-am tournament, put her on a team with Debbie McCormick, Jess Schultz and Jamie Sinclair.  You’ll have more kids and college students watching then you could imagine.

The Taylor Swift brand might be the most broad-reaching brand out there, even more so than LeBron, Jimmy Fallon or Peyton Manning.  It also has a crazy reach across the ocean as well.  Hell, I’m still shocked how much I enjoyed the concert – you’ll even find the new album on the iPhone.

And, heck, Taylor would probably be a great skip.  Sure she could take any stone coming into the house and sweep it off, sweep it off.